In conversation with Kubik Supply Chain Manager Haimanot Mersha

3 min readDec 22, 2022


This week we spoke to Kubik’s Supply Chain Manager, Haimanot Mersha. Besides being an experienced supply chain manager focusing on procurement and logistics over the past 12 years in different types of businesses, Haimanot is passionate about trying new things and helping those in need.

We spoke to her about her passions, the importance of empowering women, and the role Kubik will play in Ethiopia and beyond. Let’s hear from Haimanot.

Can you describe Kubik in three words?

Kubik is all about affordability, sustainability, and empowering women.

Tell me about yourself. What has shaped you into the person you are today?

I’m Haimanot, thirty-four years old, married, and mother to three beautiful children. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Economics, and a Master’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain from Addis Ababa University School of Commerce

Who I am today has been shaped by my family growing up. The community, the culture, and being Ethiopian. Everything around me makes me who I am today.

What inspires you to work for the betterment of others and the planet?

The thing that inspires me the most is seeing people happy, and seeing their lives changed in a very positive way. A very small thing can have a big impact on others. Showing people that they have value is important to me.

I work with small enterprises, and we’re creating jobs for so many people. We are doing so much for the planet, for the country, and to empower women.

What does it mean to you to work towards empowering women?

I live in Ethiopia, and most women here are housewives or are engaged with housework. They have already given themselves a place, they don’t think they deserve to be in a leadership position. Kubik is a company that believes women fit everywhere in the company structure. I am passionate about empowering women, showing them their value, and helping them show their potential.

What do you see for the future of Kubik?

I see a bright future for Kubik. I believe Kubik will be a big company with a big impact. Kubik is a for-profit company, but we’re doing so much beyond that. As I mentioned earlier, women’s empowerment is the biggest part of what we do. We don’t just empower women outside the company, but we carry that leadership within the company itself. So I see a positive and bright future for myself at Kubik.

Our impact is also visible through our actual work of reducing waste and building clean, affordable housing for low-income communities. We are passionate about social welfare and impact. I see Kubik’s future as having a huge impact, in Ethiopia and the rest of Africa.

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